Definition of “grow” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /ɡrəʊ/ past tense grew, past participle grown
Extra Examples
The town grew rapidly with the arrival of the railway.Your ears continue to grow throughout your life.She watched her children grow into adult life.Babies grow very quickly.Doctors were concerned that he didn't seem to be growing normally.

A2 to develop and become bigger or taller as time passes:

Children grow very quickly.
PLANT [ I, T ]

A2 If a plant grows, or you grow it, it develops from a seed to a full plant:

These shrubs grow well in sandy soil.

B1 to increase:

The number of people living alone grows each year.
grow tired/old/calm, etc

B2 to gradually become tired/old/calm, etc:

He grew bored of the countryside.
The music grew louder and louder.
HAIR [ I, T ]

B1 If your hair or nails grow, or if you grow them, they get longer:

Mandy wants to grow her hair long.

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