Definition of “honour” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun UK US honor us uk /ˈɒnər/

B2 respect that people have for you because you have done what you believe is honest and right, or the quality of doing this:

a man of honour
The soldiers fought for the honour of their country.
→ Opposite dishonour noun
in honour of sb/sth

B2 in order to celebrate or show great respect for someone or something:

A banquet was held in honour of the President.
PRIDE [ no plural ]

B2 something that makes you feel proud and pleased:

[ + to do sth ] It's an honour to be team captain.
[ + of + doing sth ] I had the great honour of meeting the King.

something that you give to someone in public to show respect for them and their achievements:

She was granted the Order of Merit - one of the nation's highest honours.
Her/His/Your Honour

used when you are speaking to or about a judge


A qualification or university course with honours is of a very high level:

an honours degree

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