Definition of “love” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb [ T ] us uk /lʌv/
Extra Examples
"I don't love you any more," he said baldly.She must love him or she wouldn't have stayed with him all these years.I love her so much.I wanted to tell her that I loved her.It's human nature to want to be loved.

A1 to like someone very much and have romantic or sexual feelings for them:

Last night he told me he loved me.
I've only ever loved one woman.

A1 to like a friend or a person in your family very much:

I'm sure he loves his kids.

A1 to enjoy something very much or have a strong interest in something:

He loves his music.
Like any child, Josh loved toys.
She loves animals.
[ + doing sth ] I love eating out.
I'd love to

A2 used to say that you would very much like to do something that someone is offering:

"I wondered if you'd like to meet up sometime?" "I'd love to."

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