Definition of “season” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun [ C ] us uk /ˈsiːzən/
Extra Examples
Autumn is my favourite season.Each season lasts for about three months.Their lives are governed by the cycle of the seasons.The different seasons are caused by the changing position of the earth in relation to the sun.The southern part of the continent has four distinct seasons.

B1 one of the four periods of the year; winter, spring, summer, or autumn


B1 a period of the year when a particular thing happens:

the rainy/dry season
the football season
in season

B2 If vegetables or fruit are in season, they are available and ready to eat.

If a female animal is in season, she is ready to mate.

out of season

If vegetables or fruit are out of season, they are not usually available at that time.

If you go somewhere out of season, you go during a period of the year when few people are there.

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