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verb us uk /snæp/ present participle snapping, past tense and past participle snapped
BREAK [ I, T ]

If something long and thin snaps, it breaks making a short, loud sound, and if you snap it, you break it, making a short, loud sound:

The twigs snapped as we walked on them.
She snapped the carrot in half (= into two pieces).
snap (sth) open/shut/together, etc

to suddenly move to a particular position, making a short, loud noise, or to make something do this:

She snapped the book shut.
The suitcase snapped open and everything fell out.

to say something suddenly in an angry way:

"I don't know what you mean," he snapped.
I was snapping at the children because I was tired.

to suddenly be unable to control a strong feeling, especially anger:

She asked me to do the work again and I just snapped.
PHOTOGRAPH [ T ] informal

to take a photograph of someone or something:

Photographers snapped the Princess everywhere she went.

If an animal snaps, it tries to bite someone:

The dog was barking and snapping at my ankles.
→ See also snap your fingers

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