Definition of “stone” - Learner’s Dictionary


noun us uk /stəʊn/
Extra Examples
The statue was carved out of stone.Outside was a stone patio with tubs of flowering plants.Visitors were amazed by the intricacy of the stone carvings.A drill was used to cut through the layer of stone.Grey stone is characteristic of buildings in that area.

B1 a hard, natural substance that is found in the ground:

a stone wall
ROCK [ C ]

B1 a small rock or piece of rock


B1 a hard, valuable substance that is often used in jewellery:

precious stones
WEIGHT [ C ] plural stone UK

a unit for measuring weight, equal to 6.35 kilograms or 14 pounds:

I gained two stone when I was pregnant.
SEED [ C ]

the hard seed that is at the centre of some fruits:

a cherry stone
→ See also stepping-stone

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