Definition of “swear” - Learner’s Dictionary


verb us uk /sweər/ past tense swore, past participle sworn
Extra Examples
Please don't swear in front of the children.I swear a lot but even I draw the line at certain words.He swore on live television.You'll receive a fine if you swear at the referee.I hate it when they swear and shout at each other.

B2 to use language that people think is rude or offensive:

He was sent home because he swore at the teacher.
She swore loudly and threw the box on the floor.

B2 to make a serious promise:

[ + to do sth ] I swear to tell the truth.
[ + (that) ] She swore that she was at home at the time of the accident.
TRUE [ T ]

used to say that you are sure something is true:

[ + (that) ] I could have sworn that she said she lived in Canterbury (= I was sure she lived in Canterbury, but now I have found that it is not true).

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