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verb [ T ] uk /kɑːst/ us past tense and past participle cast

B2 to choose an actor for a particular part in a film or play

oyuncu seçimi yapmak
[ often passive ] Why am I always cast as the villain?
THROW literary

to throw something

fırlatmak, atmak
LIGHT literary

to send light or shadow (= dark shapes) in a particular direction

yaymak, saçmak
The moon cast a white light into the room.
cast doubt/suspicion on sb/sth

to make people feel less sure about or have less trust in someone or something

insanların inanmamalarını/güvenmemelerini sağlamak, şüphe duymalarına neden olmak
A leading scientist has cast doubts on government claims that the drug is safe.
cast a/your vote

to vote

oy kullanmak
cast a spell on sb

to seem to use magic to attract someone

birini büyülemek, gözünü kamaştırmak
The city had cast a spell on me and I never wanted to leave.

to use magic to make something happen to someone

birine bir şey olması için büyü yapmak, büyü kullanmak

to make an object by pouring hot metal into a container of a particular shape

döküm yapmak, kalıp çıkarmak, dökmek → See also cast/run your/an eye over sth , cast/shed light on sth , cast a pall over sth , cast a shadow over sth

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