Translation of "lead" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb uk /liːd/ us past tense and past participle led /led/

B1 to show someone where to go, usually by taking them to a place or by going in front of them

öncülük etmek, götürmek, kılavuzluk etmek
She led them down the hall.
We followed a path that led us up the mountain.
You lead and we'll follow.
I'll lead the way (= go first to show the route).
lead into/to/towards, etc

B2 If a path or road leads somewhere, it goes there.

(yol, patika) gitmek, doğru gitmek, götürmek, ulaşmak, uzanmak
That path leads to the beach.

B2 to be winning a game

önde olmak, kazanıyor olmak, lider durumda olmak
They were leading by 11 points at half-time.
The Lions lead the Hawks 28-9.

to be better than anyone else

herkesten daha iyi olmak, lider olmak
I still believe that we lead the world in acting talent.

to be in control of a group, country, or situation

yönetmek, kontrol etmek, hâkim/öncü olmak
to lead a discussion
Is this man really capable of leading the country?
Casillas led / his team to victory.
lead sb to do sth

to make someone do or think something

yol açmak, neden olmak
What led you to think that?
I was led to believe that breakfast was included.
lead a busy/normal/quiet, etc life

B2 to live in a particular way

belli düzende bir yaşam sürdürmek
He was able to lead a normal life despite his illness.
lead sb to a conclusion

to make you think that something is probably true

bir sonuca götürmek; sonuca varmasına sebep olmak
So you thought I was leaving, did you? What led you to that conclusion?

(Translation of “lead verb” from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary English–Turkish © Cambridge University Press)