Translation of "like" - English-Turkish dictionary


verb [ T ] uk /laɪk/ us

A1 to enjoy something or feel that someone or something is pleasant

sevmek, hoşlanmak, keyif almak
[ + to do sth ] I like to paint in my spare time.
He really likes her.
What do you like about him?
→ Opposite dislike verb
not like to do sth/not like doing sth

to not usually do something because you think it is wrong

bir şeyden/bir şeyi yapmaktan hoşlanmamak/zevk almamak
I don't like to criticize her too much.
would like sth

A1 to want something

istemek, arzulamak, tercih etmek
[ + to do sth ] I'd like to think about it.
I'd like some chips with that, please.
Would you like...?

A1 used to offer someone something

...ister misiniz?, ....arzu eder misiniz?, dersiniz?'
Would you like a drink?
[ + to do sth ] Would you like to eat now?
if you like

used to say 'yes' when someone suggests a plan

'İstersen/Dilersen/Arzu edersen'
"Shall I come?" "If you like."

A2 used when you offer someone something

'Tabi ki', 'Nasıl istersen', 'Buyur', 'Elbette', 'Eğer isterseniz'
If you like I could drive you there.
How do you like sb/sth?

used to ask someone for their opinion

'Naslı buldun? Nasıl buldunuz?'
How do you like my new shoes?

(Translation of “like verb” from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary English–Turkish © Cambridge University Press)