Translation of "lot" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk /lɒt/ us
a lot; lots

A1 a large number or amount of people or things

çok miktarda/sayıda
There were a lot of people outside the building.
He earns lots of money.
I've got a lot to do this morning.
a lot better/older/quicker, etc

A1 much better/older/quicker, etc

çok daha iyi/yaşlı/çabuk vs.
It's a lot better than the old system.
It's a lot quicker by train.
the lot UK informal

all of an amount or number

tamamı, tümü, hespi
I made enough curry for three people and he ate the lot.

a group of people or things that you deal with together

grup, bölüm, parça, yığın, parti, kişiler adamlar, herifler
I've already done one lot of washing.

an area of land

arazi, parsel
a parking lot
an empty lot
SALE [ C ]

something being sold at an auction (= sale where things are sold to the people who pay the most)

müzayedede açık artırmaya sunulan mal/eşya/her parça
Lot 3: a Victorian chest.
sb's lot

the quality of someone's life and the type of experiences they have

(birinin) yaşamı/deneyimleri/yaptıkları, talih, alın yazısı
They've done much to improve the lot of working people.

(Translation of “lot” from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary English–Turkish © Cambridge University Press)