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adjective     /ʃɑːp/
ABLE TO CUT B1 having a very thin or pointed edge that can cut things keskin, sivri, sivri uçlu a sharp knife sharp claws/teethSharp and blunt
a sharp rise/increase/drop, etc B2 a sudden and very large increase or reduction in something net/belirgin/bariz yükselme/artış/düşüş vs. Not expected or plannedBecoming biggerEnlarging and inflatingBecoming and making smaller or lessBecoming and making less strong
a sharp contrast/difference/distinction, etc a very big and noticeable difference between two things gözle görülebilir/besbelli tezat/farklılık/ayrım vs. Different and difference
QUICK B2 quick to notice and understand things (zekâ) keskin, zehir gibi, çabuk kavrayan, hızlı anlayan a sharp mindPerceptiveUsing the eyesIntelligence
a sharp pain a sudden, short, strong pain anî kısa, keskin/şiddetli/sert ağrı/acı Pain and painful
SEVERE severe and not gentle şiddetli, keskin, sert sharp criticism She can be a bit sharp with people sometimes.Severe
a sharp bend/turn, etc a sudden large change in the direction you are travelling keskin kavşak/viraj Changing direction
SOUR A sharp taste is slightly sour. ekşi, keskin tadı olan, mayhoş, buruk Flavours and tastes
CLEAR A sharp image is very clear. net, açık, pürüzsüz, belirgin, resim gibi a photograph in sharp focusApparent and obviousVisible
a sharp wit the ability to say things that are funny and clever kıvrak zekâlı, zeki, keskin zekâlı Humour and humorousIntelligencePerceptive
a sharp tongue If you have a sharp tongue, you often upset people by saying unkind things to them. sivri dilli, düşünmeden konuşan, sözünü esirgemeyen InconsiderateSelfishnessBlunt and direct in speech and behaviourNot saying muchNot being friendly
FASHIONABLE If a piece of clothing or a style is sharp, it is fashionable and tidy. gösterişli, modaya uygun, göze batan, güzel, hoş young men in sharp suitsThe style, appearance, and make-up of clothes
C sharp/F sharp, etc the musical note that is between the note C, F, etc and the note above it diyez (müzikte nota) Notes of the musical scale
TOO HIGH A sharp musical note sounds unpleasant because it is slightly higher than it should be. tiz Notes of the musical scale
sharply adverb B2 keskince, modaya uygun olan, ekşi tadı olan sharpness noun [U] keskinlik
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