Translation of "stand" - English-Turkish dictionary


noun uk /stænd/ us
SHOP [ C ]

a small shop with an open front or a table from which goods are sold

tezgâh, sergi, tabla, seyyar satıcı tezgâhı
a hot dog stand
Visit our stand at the trade fair.
SPORT [ C ] UK US stands

a structure in a sports ground where people can stand or sit to watch an event


a piece of furniture for holding things

altlık, destek, sehpa, askı
a music/hat stand
the (witness) stand

also the dock the place in a law court where people sit or stand when they are being asked questions

tanık dinleme yeri
The judge asked her to take the stand (= go into the witness stand).

an opinion or belief about something, especially if you say it in public

genel görüş/fikir/düşünce/inanç
[ usually singular ] What's the President's stand on gun control?
take a stand

to express your opinion about something publicly

açıkça fiirlerini belirtmek; tavır koymak
He refuses to take a stand on this issue.
make a stand

to publicly defend something or stop something from happening

ayak diremek, kafa tutmak, ulu orta desteklemek/engellemek

(Translation of “stand noun” from the Cambridge Learner's Dictionary English–Turkish © Cambridge University Press)