「double chin」在英語詞典中的解釋及翻譯

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「double chin」在英式英語詞典中的解釋及翻譯


double chinnoun [ C ]

uk /ˌdʌb.əl ˈtʃɪn/ us /ˌdʌb.əl ˈtʃɪn/

Examples from literature

  • Her double chin was dimpled, and her teeth were marvels of whiteness and regularity. 
  • Now she was old and fat with a hawk nose and a double chin and one tooth left in the middle of the front. 
  • See what a double chin he's got. 
  • The corners of his mouth under his white moustache drooped towards his double chin. 
  • The landlord nodded his head, and rubbed his double chin harder than ever. 

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「double chin」在美式英語詞典中的解釋及翻譯


a fold of skin under the face along the front of the neck, caused by a layer of fat

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