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About Cambridge Dictionary

Cambridge University Press has been publishing dictionaries for learners of English since 1995. Cambridge Dictionaries Online began offering these dictionaries completely free of charge in 1999 — and today, Cambridge Dictionary is still growing.


We want everyone to be able to use the Cambridge Dictionary site. Here's our commitment: let us know if we're doing anything wrong.

Cambridge University Press

Cambridge published its first book in 1584 and is the oldest publishing house in the world.

Cambridge English

Cambridge English publishes materials for learners and teachers of English, and has English learning solutions for teachers, students, and schools.

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Material on these pages is copyright Cambridge University Press or reproduced with permission from other copyright owners.


Our dictionaries are informed by the Cambridge English Corpus of more than 1.5 billion words of real English, and the Cambridge Learner Corpus, a unique collection of exam scripts written by students taking Cambridge ESOL exams all over the world.

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