Translation of "nothing" - English-Catalan dictionary


pronoun uk /ˈnʌθ·ɪŋ/ us /ˈnʌθ·ɪŋ/

A2 not anything

There was nothing in her suitcase.
He said he did nothing wrong.

B1 not something important or valuable

She was crying about nothing.
for nothing

without a successful result

per a res, en va
I came all this way for nothing.
have nothing to do with someone/something

to not involve or affect someone or something

no tenir res a veure amb algú/ac
He made his own decision – I had nothing to do with it.
I wish he wouldn’t give advice on my marriage – it has nothing to do with him (= he should not interfere).
there’s nothing for it

used to emphasize you will have to do a particular thing to solve a problem

no hi ha altre remei
There’s nothing for it but to get some extra help.
there’s nothing to it

used to say something is very easy

és bufar i fer ampolles
Windsurfing is easy – there’s nothing to it.

(Translation of “nothing” from the Cambridge English-Catalan Dictionary © Cambridge University Press)