Translation of "arrow" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] uk us /ˈær.əʊ/ US  /ˈer.oʊ/

a weapon that is like a long thin stick with a sharp point at one end and often feathers at the other, shot from a bow (= a long thin piece of wood bent into a curve by a piece of string)

Robin Hood asked to be buried where his arrow landed. 罗宾汉让人们把他安葬在他的箭落下的位置。
→ Compare dart noun

a sign consisting of a straight line with an upside down V shape at one end of it, which points in a particular direction, and is used to show where something is

I followed the arrows to the car park. 我顺着箭头所指方向开到了停车场。

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