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uk /breθ/ us /breθ/

B1 [ U ] the air that goes into and out of your lungs

Her breath smelled of garlic. 她的嘴里有大蒜味。
She was dizzy and short of breath (= unable to breathe in enough air). 她头昏眼花,上气不接下气。
He burst into the room, red-faced and out of breath (= unable to breathe comfortably because of tiredness or excitement). 他冲进房间,满脸通红,气喘吁吁。
catch your breath also get your breath (back)

C1 to pause or rest for a short time until you can breathe comfortably or regularly again

I had to stop running to catch my breath. 我跑得喘不上气来,不得不停了下来。
draw breath

to breathe

Without pausing to draw breath she told me everything. 她气也不喘一口就把一切告诉了我。

to pause for a short time between doing one thing and the next

Give me a minute to draw breath, won't you? 让我歇会喘口气,行吗?
hold your breath

B2 to keep air in your lungs and not release it so that you need more

How long can you hold your breath under water? 你能屏住呼吸多长时间?
take a breath

B2 to breathe air into your lungs (as a single action)

The doctor told me to take a deep breath (= breathe in a lot of air). 医生让我做深吸气。
a breath of air

the smallest amount of wind

There wasn't a breath of air in the room. 房间里闷得让人透不过气来。

a short period of time spent outside

I'm just going out for a breath of (fresh) air - I won't be long. 我需要在外面呆一会儿,透透气。

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