Translation of "cold" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (LOW TEMPERATURE) 低温 uk us /kəʊld/ US  /koʊld/

at a low temperature, especially when compared to the temperature of the human body, and not hot or warm

a cold day/house 冷天/寒冷的房子
cold food/water 冰冷的食物/凉水
cold hands 冰凉的手
cold weather 寒冷的天气
My feet are so cold. 我的双脚冰凉。
It's freezing cold today. 今天冷极了。
You'll feel cold if you don't wear a coat. 如果不穿外套你会觉得冷的。
coldness uk us /ˈkəʊld.nəs/ US  /ˈkoʊld-/ noun [ U ]

It was the coldness of her manner that struck me. 是她冷淡的态度刺伤了我。

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