Translation of "counter" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (SURFACE) 表面 uk us /ˈkaʊn.tər/ US  /-t̬ɚ/

a long flat narrow surface or table in a shop, bank, restaurant, etc. at which people are served

There was nobody behind/on the counter when I went into the bank, and I had to wait to be served. 我进银行时柜台后没人,我只得等候有人出来服务。
You will find sausages on the meat counter/rolls on the bread counter. 你会在肉柜台找到香肠/在面包柜台找到面包卷。

mainly US a worktop (= flat surface in a kitchen, on which food can be prepared)

We stacked the dirty plates on the kitchen counter. 我们把脏碟子堆放在厨房的操作台上。

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