Translation of "deal" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (AGREEMENT) 协议 uk us /dɪəl/

an agreement or an arrangement, especially in business

a business deal 商业交易
The unions and management have made a two-year pay and productivity deal. 工会和管理层签订了一份为期两年的工资与生产效率协议。
I'll make/do a deal with you - you wash the car and I'll let you use it tonight. 我和你做个交易吧——你把车洗了,今晚就让你用。
She got a good deal (= paid a low price) on her new house. 她买新房子时捡了个大便宜。
Is industry getting a raw/rough deal from (= being unfairly/badly treated by) the EU? 生产制造业是否正受到欧盟的不公平/恶劣待遇?

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