Translation of "defence" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (EXPLANATION) 辩解 UK (US defense) uk us /dɪˈfents/

[ S or U ] (an) argument or explanation which you use to prove that you are not guilty of something

The judge remarked that ignorance was not a valid defence. 法官说无知不能成为有效的辩护理由。
All I can say, in defence of my actions, is that I had little choice. 我只能以别无选择来为自己的行为辩解。

the things said in court to prove that a person did not commit a crime

She said that she didn't want a lawyer and was going to conduct her own defence. 她说她不需要律师,她要自己辩护。
the defence legal

the person or people in a law case who have been accused of doing something illegal, and their lawyer(s)

a witness for the defence 辩方证人
a defence lawyer 辩方律师

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