Translation of "dictate" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (GIVE ORDERS) 下命令 uk us /dɪkˈteɪt/ US  /ˈ--/

[ I or T ] to give orders, or state something exactly, with total authority

The UN will dictate the terms of troop withdrawal from the region. 联合国将决定军队从该地区撤军的条件。
[ + question word ] He disagrees with the government dictating what children are taught in schools. 他不同意由政府来决定孩子在学校学习哪些课程。
[ + that ] The tennis club rules dictate that suitable footwear must be worn on the courts. 网球俱乐部的规则规定上场必须穿适当的运动鞋。

[ T ] to influence something or make it necessary

The party's change of policy has been dictated by its need to win back the support of voters. 该党政策上的变化是由于它需要赢回选民的支持。
[ + that ] I wanted to take a year off, but my financial situation dictated that I got a job. 我想休息一年,但我的经济状况却迫使我必须工作。

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