Translation of "eliminate" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb uk us /ɪˈlɪm.ɪ.neɪt/

[ T ] to remove or take away

A move towards healthy eating could help eliminate heart disease. 养成健康的饮食习惯有助于消除心脏病诱因。
We eliminated the possibility that it could have been an accident. 我们排除了这或许是一起意外事故的可能性。
The police eliminated him from their enquiries. 警察已把他排除在调查对象之外。

[ T often passive ] to defeat someone so that they cannot continue in a competition

He was eliminated in the third round of the competition. 他在第3轮比赛中被淘汰。

[ T ] slang to murder

A police officer was accused of helping a drug gang eliminate rivals. 一名警察被指控帮助一个贩毒黑帮铲平敌对帮派。

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