Translation of "exercise" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (PRACTICE) 练习 uk us /ˈek.sə.saɪz/ US  /-sɚ-/

an action or actions intended to improve something or make something happen

Ships from eight navies will be taking part in an exercise in the Pacific to improve their efficiency in combat. 来自8个国家的海军军舰将参加在太平洋举行的军事演习,以提高其作战效率。
It would be a useful exercise for you to say the speech aloud several times. 大声朗读演讲稿演练几遍,将会有助于你发挥。
an exercise in public relations 公共关系课的情景模拟练习

a short piece of written work which you do to practise something you are learning

The book has exercises at the end of every chapter. 该书每一章的后面都有练习题。

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