Translation of "fierce" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective uk us /fɪəs/ US  /fɪrs/

physically violent and frightening

a fierce attack/battle 猛烈的进攻/激烈的战斗
Two men were shot during fierce fighting last weekend. 上周末的激战中两人被枪击。

strong and powerful

Fierce winds/seas prevented the race from taking place. 狂风/汹涌的海浪致使比赛无法进行。
Fire fighters had to retreat from the fierce heat. 消防员面对逼人的热浪只得后撤。

showing strong feeling or energetic activity

The expansion plans will face fierce opposition/resistance from environmentalists. 扩建计划会遭到环境保护主义者的强烈反对/抵抗。
There is fierce competition to join the Special Branch. 加入政治保安处要面对激烈的竞争。

US informal difficult

The chemistry exam was fierce! 化学考试太难了!
fierceness uk us /ˈfɪə.snəs/ US  /ˈfɪr.snəs/ noun [ U ]

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