Translation of "for" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


preposition (PURPOSE) 目的 uk us strong /fɔːr/ US  /fɔːr/ weak /r/ US  //

having the purpose of

There's a sign there saying 'boats for hire'. 告示牌上写着“小船出租”。
This pool is for the use of hotel residents only. 这个游泳池只供酒店客人使用。
I'm sorry, the books are not for sale. 对不起,这些书不卖。
They've invited us round for dinner on Saturday. 他们已邀请我们星期六去吃晚饭。
Everyone in the office is contributing money for his leaving present. 为了送他一份离职礼物,办公室里每个人都出了钱。
I need some money for tonight. 我今晚需要些钱用。
Which vitamins should you take for (= in order to cure) skin problems? 治疗皮肤病应该服用哪种维生素?
Put those clothes in a pile for washing (= so that they can be washed). 把那些衣服堆在一起,准备拿去洗。

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