Translation of "for" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


preposition (BECAUSE OF) 因为 uk us strong /fɔːr/ US  /fɔːr/ weak /r/ US  //

because of or as a result of something

I'm feeling all the better for my holiday. 因为要去度假,我感觉好多了。
"How are you?" "Fine, and all the better for seeing you!" “你好吗?”“我很好,见到你就更好了!”
She did fifteen years in prison for murder. 她因为谋杀罪坐了15年牢。
I don't eat meat for various reasons. 我不吃肉,原因很多。
I couldn't see for the tears in my eyes. 我眼睛里满是泪水,什么都看不见。
The things you do for love! 你出于爱所做的这些事!
He's widely disliked in the company for his arrogance. 因为傲慢自大,在公司里大家都讨厌他。
She couldn't talk for coughing (= she was coughing too much to talk). 她咳得说不出话来。
Scotland is famous for its spectacular countryside. 苏格兰的乡村景色壮丽,远近闻名。
He's best remembered for his novels. 他的小说最为知名。
I didn't dare say anything for fear of (= because I was frightened of) offending him. 因为怕冒犯他,所以我什么都不敢说。
if it wasn't/weren't for (also if it hadn't been for)


If it wasn't for the life jacket, I would have drowned. 如果没有这件救生衣,我就淹死了。

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