Translation of "for" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


preposition (COMPARING) 比较 uk us strong /fɔːr/ US  /fɔːr/ weak /r/ US  //

used for comparing one thing with others of the same type

She's very mature for her age. 就她的年龄而言,她非常成熟。
For every two people in favour of the law there are three against. 这项法律支持者和反对者的比率为2:3。
The summer has been quite hot for England. 在英格兰,这个夏天算是很热了。
It was a difficult decision, especially for a child. 这是困难的决定,尤其是对一个孩子来说。
For a man of his wealth he's not exactly generous. 对像他这样身价的人来说,他一点儿都不大方。

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