Translation of "join" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (CONNECT) 连接 uk us /dʒɔɪn/

[ T ] to connect or fasten things together

A long suspension bridge joins the two islands. 一座长长的吊桥将两个岛屿连接起来。
Join the two pieces together using strong glue. 用强力胶把这两片粘起来。
The island is joined to the mainland by a road bridge. 一座公路桥将小岛和大陆连接起来。
If you join (up) the dots on the paper, you'll get a picture. 如果你将纸上的小点连起来,就会变成一幅画。

[ I or T ] If roads or rivers join, they meet at a particular point

The A11 joins the M11 south of Cambridge. A11 干道在剑桥以南与 M11 高速公路交汇。
The River Murray and the River Darling join east of Adelaide. 墨累河和达令河在阿德莱德以东汇合。

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