Translation of "line" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (ROW) uk us /laɪn/

[ C ] a group of people or things arranged in a row

a line of trees 一行树
The prisoners formed a line against the wall. 犯人靠墙站成了一排。

[ C ] US (UK queue) a group of people standing one behind the other who are waiting for something

Just get in line and wait your turn like everyone else. 和别人一样排队等着去。
I had to wait/stand in line for three hours to get tickets. 我排了3个小时的队才买到票。
a long line of

a series of people or things that follow each other in time

She is the latest in a long line of controversial leaders. 她最近刚成为一系列颇具争议的领导者之一。
He comes from a long line of doctors (= A lot of his relatives were doctors before him). 他出身医生世家。

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