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uk /ˈpɜː.sən.əl/ us /ˈpɝː.sən.əl/

B1 relating or belonging to a single or particular person rather than to a group or an organization

My personal opinion/view is that the students should be doing more work outside the classroom. 我个人认为学生应该多做一些课外作业。
Her uncle takes a personal interest in her progress. 她叔叔个人很关心她的进步。
She has her own personal secretary/bodyguard/fitness instructor. 她有自己的私人秘书/保镖/健身教练。
Passengers are reminded to take all their personal belongings with them when they leave the plane. 乘客们被提醒下飞机时要带走所有个人物品。

A personal action is one that is done by someone directly rather than getting another person to do it.

The mayor made a personal appearance at the hospital. 卫生部长亲自去了医院。
I will give the matter my personal attention. 我会亲自过问这件事情。

B1 private or relating to someone's private life

The letter was marked "Personal. Strictly confidential." 信上标着:“私函,绝对保密”。
Do you mind if I ask you a personal question? 介意我问你一个私人问题吗?
His resignation was apparently for personal rather than professional reasons. 他的辞职显然是因为个人而非工作的原因。
For such a famous, wealthy man, his personal life was surprisingly simple and ordinary. 这样一个如此出名和富有的人,其个人生活却简单和平凡得令人惊讶。

C1 relating to your body or appearance

She is obsessed with personal hygiene. 她过于注意个人卫生。
personal remark/comment

an intentionally offensive remark about someone's character or appearance

Did you have to make such a personal remark about her new haircut? 你非得针对她的新发型说长道短吗?
get personal informal

to start being rude to someone about their character or appearance

As long as the criticism is honestly given and doesn't get personal, I can handle it. 只要批评坦率真诚,没有针对个人之意,我就能处理好。

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