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prepareverb [ I or T ]

uk /prɪˈpeər/ us /prɪˈper/

A2 to make or get something or someone ready for something that will happen in the future

Have you prepared for your interview? 你作好面试的准备了吗?
She'll prepare the food ahead of time and freeze it. 她会提前准备好食物并冷冻起来。
This course prepares students for middle and senior managerial positions. 这门课旨在使学生在将来能够胜任中、高级管理职位。
[ + obj + to infinitive ] Are the players mentally and physically prepared to play a tough game? 运动员们是否已经在思想上和体能上对这场艰苦的比赛作好了准备?
The meal took two hours to prepare. 准备这顿饭花了两个小时。

B1 to expect that something will happen and to be ready for it

[ + to infinitive ] It almost seems as if she is preparing to die. 看来她好像已经作好了赴死的准备。
You need to prepare yourself for a long wait. 你需要作好长时间等待的准备。

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