Translation of "pure" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (COMPLETE) 完全的 uk us /pjʊər/ US  /pjʊr/

[ before noun ] complete; only

It was pure coincidence/chance that we met. 我们见面纯属巧合。
This last month has been pure hell. 对我们来说,上个月是十足的地狱。
Her face had a look of pure delight. 她满脸的愉悦。
The minister dismissed the newspaper reports as pure speculation. 部长称这篇新闻报道纯属臆测而不予理睬。

[ before noun ] describes an area of study that is studied only for the purpose of developing theories about it, not for the purpose of using those theories in a practical way

pure mathematics 理论数学
pure economics 理论经济学
pure and simple

used after a noun to mean 'and nothing else'

He is motivated by greed, pure and simple. 他完全是被贪婪所驱使。

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