Translation of "rank" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (POSITION) 地位 uk us /ræŋk/

[ C or U ] a position in an organization, such as the army, showing the importance of the person having it

senior/high/junior/low rank 高/低级职位
He has just been promoted to the rank of captain. 他刚被提升为上尉。
Ministers of Cabinet rank receive a higher salary than other ministers. 进入内阁的部长比其他部长的工资高。
Having a large income is one of the advantages of rank (= high position). 职位级别高的好处之一就是收入高。

[ C or U ] a particular position, higher or lower than others

He's in the front/first rank of (= one of the best) international tennis players. 他是世界一流的网球运动员。
Consumer preferences were placed in rank order from 1 to 5. 顾客对产品的喜好程度从1到5划分级别。
ranks [ plural ]

the membership of a group or organization

Party ranks have swelled by nearly 300 000. 党员人数已经增加了将近30万人。
Marty has joined the ranks of the (= become) unemployed. 马蒂也成了失业大军中的一员。
The party leadership seems to be losing support in the ranks. 该党的领导层好像在失去广大党员的支持。
rise from/through the ranks

to be moved up from a low level position in an organization to a higher one

He rose through the ranks to become a General. 他从普通士兵成长为一名将军。
He joined the company in 1998 and has been rising through the ranks ever since. 他于1998年进入公司,从那以后步步高升。

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