Translation of "repair" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] uk us /rɪˈpeər/ US  /-ˈper/

to put something that is damaged, broken or not working correctly, back into good condition or make it work again

to repair (the surface of) the road 修路(面)
to repair a roof after a storm 暴风雨后修理房顶
The garage said the car was so old it wasn't worth repairing. 修车厂的人说这辆车太旧,不值得修了。
I really must get my bike repaired this weekend. 这个周末我真得修修自行车了。

If you repair something wrong or harmful that has been done, you do something to make it right

to repair a broken friendship 修复破裂的友情
Is it too late to repair the damage we have done to our planet? 现在采取措施挽回我们对地球所造成的破坏已为时太晚了吗?

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