Translation of "round" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ C ] (GROUP) uk us /raʊnd/

a number of things or group of events

Russia and America will hold another round of talks next month. 俄罗斯和美国将在下个月举行另一轮会谈。
When we were young life was just one long round of parties/pleasure. 我们年轻时,生活的内容好像就是一个又一个聚会/一件又一件令人开心的事情。

drinks that you buy for a group of people

It's your turn to buy a round. 该你请大家都喝上一杯了。

UK a single slice of toast, or a sandwich


UK (US route) a set of regular visits that you make to a number of places or people, especially in order to take products as part of your job

He has a milk/paper round. 他挨家送奶/报纸。

specialized a song for several singers, who begin singing one after the other at various points in the song


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