Translation of "scramble" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun [ S ] (QUICK MOVEMENT) 快速移动 uk us /ˈskræ̩/

a climb which is difficult so that you have to use your hands to help you

It was a real scramble to the top of the hillside. 好不容易才爬到山坡顶上。

an act of hurrying

[ + to infinitive ] As soon as the plane landed there was a mad/wild scramble to get out. 飞机一降落,人们乱作一团,匆匆跑了出去。

a hurried attempt to get something

After the death of the dictator there was an unseemly scramble for power among the generals. 独裁者死后,将军们为争夺权力闹翻了天。

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