Translation of "separate" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb uk us /ˈsep.ər.eɪt/ US  /-ə.reɪt/

[ I or T ] to (cause to) divide into parts

The north and south of the country are separated by a mountain range. 这个国家的南北两部分被一条山脉隔开。
You can get a special device for separating egg whites from yolks. 你可以买一种把蛋白与蛋黄分开的专用器具。
The top and bottom sections are quite difficult to separate. 顶部和底部很难分开。

[ I or T ] to make people move apart or into different places, or to move apart

At school they always tried to separate Jane and me because we were troublemakers. 在学校里,他们总是设法把简和我分开,因为我们是捣蛋鬼。
Somehow, in the rush to get out of the building, I got separated from my mother. 急急忙忙冲出大楼的时候,不知怎么的,我和妈妈走散了。
Perhaps we should separate now and meet up later. 或许我们现在应该分开,晚些时候再见面。

[ T ] to consider two people or things as different or not related

You can't separate morality from politics. 你不能把道德与政治分开考虑。

[ I ] If a liquid separates it becomes two different liquids.


[ I ] to start to live in a different place from your husband or wife because the relationship has ended

My parents separated when I was six and divorced a couple of years later. 我6岁的时候父母分居,几年之后他们便离婚了。

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