Translation of "show" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ T ] (MAKE SEEN) 使被看见 uk us /ʃəʊ/ US  /ʃoʊ/ (showed, shown)

to make it possible for something to be seen

[ + two objects ] I must show you this new book I've just bought. 我一定要给你看看我刚买的这本新书。
On this map, urban areas are shown in grey. 在这张地图上,城区用灰色表示。
You ought to show that rash to your doctor. 你应该让医生看看那些皮疹。
[ + obj + question word ] Why won't you show me what you've got in your hand? 为什么不让我看你手里的东西?
[ + obj + -ing verb ] The secretly filmed video shows the prince and princess kissing. 秘密拍摄的录像中出现了王子和王妃接吻的画面。
These photographs show the effects of the chemical on the trees. 这些照片显示了这种化学品对树木的影响。
He began to show signs of recovery. 他开始出现了好转的迹象。
"I've got a Victorian gold coin here." "Have you? Show me (= Allow me to see it)." “我这里有一枚维多利亚时代金币。”“真的吗?让我看看。”

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