Translation of "solid" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


adjective (NOT LIQUID/GAS) 非液体/气体 uk us /ˈsɒl.ɪd/ US  /ˈsɑː.lɪd/

not liquid or gas

Liquid and solid waste is collected in the tank. 液体和固体废物扔在箱罐里。
Freeze the mixture for about 3 hours or so until solid. 把混合物冷冻3小时左右,直到其变成固体。

describes food which is not in liquid form, especially when given to babies or people who are ill

That rice pudding was the first solid food he's eaten since his operation. 那种大米布丁是他手术后吃的第一种固体食物。

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