Translation of "step" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (STAIR) 梯级 uk us /step/

[ C ] one of the surfaces that you walk on when you go up or down stairs

a flight of steps 一段台阶
We had to climb some steps to reach the front door. 我们得爬几级台阶才能到大门前。
I asked them to leave the parcel on the (front) step (= outside the door to the house). 我让他们把包裹放在门口。
UK Mind the step/US Watch your step as you leave the train. 下火车时请小心脚下。
It's difficult for people in wheelchairs to negotiate (= move up and down) steps. 坐轮椅的人上下楼梯很困难。
One of the steps on the ladder is broken. 梯子上有一个梯级坏了。
steps [ plural ]

another word for stepladder

stepladder 的另一种说法
kitchen steps 厨房用梯凳
library steps 图书馆用活梯

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