Translation of "stock" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


noun (SUPPLY) 供应物 uk us /stɒk/ US  /stɑːk/

[ C or U ] a supply of something for use or sale

It is now halfway through winter and food stocks are already low. 现在冬天刚刚过半,但食物的储备已经不足了。
The local shop has a good stock of postcards and guidebooks. 本地商店备有大量明信片和旅游指南。
Much of the city's housing stock (= the number of houses in the city) is over 100 years old. 城市中许多住房都有100多年的历史了。

[ U ] the total amount of goods or the amount of a particular type of goods available in a shop

This shop sells its old stock at a very low prices. 这家商店以极低的价格出售以前的存货。
We'll be getting our new stock in on Friday. 我们将于周五到新货。
The new edition is in/out of stock (= available/not available) in major bookshops. 新版在各大书店都有售/脱销了。

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