Translation of "trade" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (BUY AND SELL) 买卖 uk us /treɪd/

[ I or T, usually + adv/prep ] to buy and sell goods or services, especially between countries

For centuries, Native Americans traded with European settlers. 美洲印第安人和欧洲殖民者做了几百年的生意。
The company has been trading in oil for many years. 该公司做石油生意已经有许多年了。
The two countries have become close trading partners. 两国已经成为关系密切的贸易伙伴。
Our books are traded right across Asia. 我们的书在全亚洲销售。
→ See also horsetrade (horsetrading)

[ I or T ] to be bought and sold, or to buy and sell shares, on the stock exchange

On London's Stock Exchange, 18.5 million shares were traded yesterday. 昨天伦敦证券交易所成交股票1850万股。
Shares in the company traded actively. 该公司的股票交易活跃。

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