Translation of "translate" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I or T ] uk us /trænsˈleɪt/ /trænz-/

to change words into a different language

We were asked to translate a list of sentences. 我们被要求翻译一组句子。
She works for the EU, translating from English into French. 她在欧盟工作,担任英译法翻译。
→ Compare interpret

to change something into a new form, especially to turn a plan into reality

So how does this theory translate into practical policy? 那么如何将这个理论应用于制定现实可行的政策呢?
The ways of working that he had learnt at college did not translate well (= were not suitable) to the world of business. 他在大学里学到的工作方式并不适合生意场。
translate sth as sth

to decide that words, behaviour or actions mean a particular thing

He mumbled something which I translated as agreement. 他嘴里咕哝了句什么,我想是表示同意。

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