Translation of "twist" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (TURN) 转动 uk us /twɪst/

[ I or T ] to turn something, especially repeatedly, or to turn or wrap one thing around another

The path twists and turns for over a mile. 这条小路弯弯曲曲,长达1英里多。
She sat there nervously twisting the ring around on her finger. 她紧张地坐在那儿,不停地转着手指上的戒指。
She twisted her head (round) so she could see what was happening. 她扭过头来,想看看发生了什么事。
Twist the rope tightly round that post over there. 把绳子紧紧缠在那根柱子上。

[ T ] If you twist a part of your body, such as your ankle, you injure it by suddenly turning it

She slipped on the ice and twisted her knee. 她在冰上滑了一跤,结果扭伤了膝盖。

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