Translation of "weave" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb (MAKE) uk us /wiːv/ (wove or US ALSO weaved, woven or US ALSO weaved)

[ I or T ] to make cloth by repeatedly crossing a single thread through two sets of long threads on a loom (= special frame)

This type of wool is woven into fabric which will make jackets. 这种羊毛被织成衣料,用来做夹克衫。

[ T ] to twist long objects together, or to make something by doing this

We were shown how to roughly weave ferns and grass together to make a temporary shelter. 有人给我们演示了如何将蕨类植物和草简单地编起来,搭成临时的栖身之所。
It takes great skill to weave a basket from/out of rushes. 用灯心草编篮子需要很高的技巧。

[ T ] literary to form something from several different things or to combine several different things, in a complicated or skilled way

The biography is woven from the many accounts which exist of things she did. 该传记是根据大量现存的对她的事迹的记载编写而成的。
weaving uk us /ˈwiː.vɪŋ/ noun [ U ]

There has been increasing automation of spinning and weaving. 纺纱与织布的自动化程度在不断提高。
weaver uk us /ˈwiː.vər/ US  /-vɚ/ noun [ C ]

a person whose job is weaving cloth and other materials

basket weavers 编篮子的人

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