Translation of "weave" - English-Mandarin Chinese dictionary


verb [ I usually + adv/prep ] (MOVE QUICKLY) 快速移动 uk us /wiːv/ (weaved, weaved)

to go or make a path by moving quickly and changing direction often, especially to avoid hitting things

To escape from police officers the thief weaved through/between/in and out of stationary traffic on a bicycle. 为了逃脱警察的追赶,那个小偷骑着自行车在静止的车流中迂回穿行。
weaving uk us /ˈwiː.vɪŋ/ noun [ U ]

There has been increasing automation of spinning and weaving. 纺纱与织布的自动化程度在不断提高。
weaver uk us /ˈwiː.vər/ US  /-vɚ/ noun [ C ]

a person whose job is weaving cloth and other materials

basket weavers 编篮子的人

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