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noun (NOT THE SAME) 不同 uk us /ˈdɪf.ər.ənts/ US  /-ɚ-/

[ C or U ] the way in which two or more things which you are comparing are not the same

What's the difference between an ape and a monkey? 猿和猴有甚麼區別?
Is there any significant difference in quality between these two items? 這兩件東西在質量方面有顯著的差別嗎?
make a (big) difference (also make all the difference)

to improve a situation (a lot)

Exercise can make a big difference to your state of health. 運動會極大地改善你的健康狀況。
Putting up some new wallpaper has made all the difference to the place. 貼上一些新壁紙後這個地方變得煥然一新了。
not make any difference (also not make the slightest difference)

to not change a situation in any way

You can ask him again if you like, but it won't make any difference - he'll still say no. 你如果願意可以再去問他,但結果還是一樣——他還會說不。
It makes no difference where you put the aerial, the TV picture's still lousy. 不管你把天線放在甚麼位置結果都一樣,電視圖像還是非常糟糕。
with a difference

describes something unusual, and more interesting or better than other things of the same type

Try new Cremetti - the ice cream with a difference. 試試新的克裡梅蒂——不同尋常的雪糕。

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