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each otherpronoun

uk /ˌiːtʃ ˈʌð.ər/ us /ˌiːtʃ ˈʌð.ɚ/ also one another

A2 used to show that each person in a group of two or more people does something to the others

They kept looking at each other and smiling. 他們一直微笑着著對方。
They're always wearing each other's clothes. 他們總是交換衣服穿。
Why are you always arguing with each other? 你們倆爲甚麽老是吵個不休?
They're so happy together - they were made for each other (= are perfectly matched). 他們在一起那麼幸福——真是天生一對。

More examples

  • The two companies are in competition with each other.
  • Children can be very cruel to each other.
  • It was one of those parties where nobody really knew each other.
  • The boys were splashing about and ducking each other in the pool.
  • Rachel and Fi have had a big argument and now they're not speaking to each other.

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